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Improving our translations into English. UTICamp-2016

Speaker: Christopher Peterson, partner at Language Creations, LLC

Translation into English is in high demand, but the quality of this service is often not up to the mark. The reasons vary from the high costs and a lack of skilled translators to the client’s misunderstanding of the process itself.

There are many questions that LSPs ask with this regard: Do we really need a native speaker? Would an English-speaking proofreader be enough? Can we do without their help? And if yes, under what circumstances? How can we persuade the client to pay more to hire a native speaker for a project? And last but not least, how do we check the quality of the resources involved?

Christopher Peterson, a partner at Language Creations, LLC, has a profound knowledge of all the translation and proofreading stages. In his presentation at the UTICamp-2016 conference, he managed to draw the audience into a lively discussion.

The video is available in English

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