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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Tetiana Cherednychok (SBT Localization Team)

Translator and editor (SBT Localization Team)

For the last two years I have been honoured to be part of Public Organization “SBT Localization Team”, which is focused on videogame Universe Ukrainization. I play the roles of translator, editor and translation tester. The key principle of our work is official cooperation with developers.

The rapid development of the video game industry and the growing demand for Ukrainian products among Ukrainians mean that localization of video games into Ukrainian has every chance of taking over the translation market. 

Localization Volunteering. Video Games Localization

How is the promotion of game culture related to the production of Ukrainian gaming content and the Ukrainian media market? Why is publicity a critical component of volunteer organisations, and how has a network association of visionary volunteers become a productive force on the official Ukrainian computer game localisation scene?

This great story about a small translation association and the expertise gained through fighting for the community’s interests is awaits your attention!


It is common to consider videogames as something that is only for children and is not worth the adults’ attention. But despite all the stereotypes, videogame business has always attracted developers by its potential, profitability and popularity. After all, video games are popular among children, teenagers and adults as well. 

Videogame development is rather demanding and long-lasting process, which requires much inspiration and financing, but only due to hard work an exciting and entertaining product with an incredible gameplay and amazing graphics can be created. 

Yet even this is not enough: to get a game be adored all over the world, there is a need, that it be translated into lots of different languages.