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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Tetyana Struk (Linguistic Centre®)

Founder and CEO of Linguistic Centre® Translation and Localization Company

Tetyana Struk is a founder and CEO of Linguistic Centre® Translation and Localization Company (Lviv, Ukraine), a lecturer and a translation technology consultant for academia, an author of books on translation, and an advocate for professional growth in the translation and localization industry.

 A pioneer of Ukrainian localization, Tetyana brought change to the Ukrainian academic landscape by introducing the first Localization and Translation Technologies programs in 2006, and she continues making transformational changes in the academic training of translators to this day.

 She is a regular speaker at various international and local conferences.

 Tetyana is the author and co-author of the projects Everything is Ahead and The Translator’s Patchwork Quilt, and is an organizer of conferences and numerous online events aimed at promoting and developing the profession. 

Translation Interactive Game

Translation Interactive Game

Inaccessible accessibility

How to offer services for which there are no clear performance criteria and quality assessment? How to find a vendor if there are no trained specialists yet? How to assess the feasibility of implementation, if the market for such services is marked only by legislative regulations, which are kept only by a few organizations?

Speakers will talk about the peculiarities of the development and implementation of accessibility services by the company, which (as it turned out) logically complement the services traditionally offered by translation companies.

This includes audio description, web accessibility, sign language translation, translation into simple language, and much more – the range is actually wide and there is only the one issue that complicates everything: these services are not available in the country, and the small amount that exists is provided by volunteers.

Tetyana and Anastasiya are ready to share their first steps on the way of such implementation, their successes, challenges and risks, strategies for further movement, visions of new horizons both with representatives of translation companies and freelance translators who may think about diversification of services, but are afraid to take the first step.

Round Table on Business of Translation

Round Table on Business of Translation

Translation 5.0. A Power of New Generation

They come to the industry: young, proactive, different. How to establish cooperation, to keep them in the industry, when there are so many opportunities around, to attract more young people into the industry, to show them the possibilities of this profession?

Based on examples of successful projects for youth in the industry, the speakers will share their observations on the approaches that change the attitude of young people, the factors that are really efficient, the actions that each of us can make to show that the industry is a place to be, and prove that though young people do everything in a different way, they win!

The Box of Chocolates (Interview Session)

We all love stories. Especially success stories. They always inspire and give strength. It often seems that the path of the hero in these stories was easy, simple, and success came into his or her life quite naturally. However, at this session we want to show other pages of our heroes ' lives: the first steps, hard decisions, struggle for survival; and to discuss what gives them strength and what supports. Visit the session, and you will also have the opportunity to ask your questions, and, who knows, maybe you will hear the words that will trigger your life-changing actions in the circumstances where there is no guarantee of success.