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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Svetlana Svetova

Founder and CEO at T-Service

Svetlana Svetova is a founder and director of the T-Service company — SDL Trados authorized reseller in Russia and 12 more countries. Last few years the T-Service company has been awarded as the SDL Approved Reseller of the Year due to its high level of sales, customer support, and implementation solutions. Svetlana takes part in many translation and localization events, often as a speaker. She is one of the organizers of Saint Petersburg’s Translation Club. Svetlana holds a linguistic degree and her current interest is PEMT.

Different points of view on MT Post-editing

My dear customer!
       Forgive my bothering you…
       Thank you…
       don’t worry…
       I’ll stand…
       My business
       of delicate nature:
       about the place
       of PEMT
       in the translators’ ranks.
       Along with
       of TMs and termbases
       I’m made subject
       to taxes and penalties.
       You demand
       I translate five hundred pages per month
       and and grant 25% discount on a full rate.
       my work
       is like
       any other work.
       Look here—
       how much I’ve lost,
       what expenses
       I have in my production
       and how much I spend
       on my materials!

Round Table on Technologies: The Future of Technologies

Round Table on Technologies