This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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UTICamp-2019 additional programme

UTICamp is a space for knowledge, creativity and development.

For all participants and guests of our conference we have also prepared an exciting and diverse programme offering something for everyone. We are not limited to presentations this time. After all, the translation industry is related to many types of activity, so workshops, personal development sessions, creative classes and physical training sessions are all at your service. We guarantee you will feel great and happy every day!

Anyone can participate in the additional programme, which is already included in the conference package and guest ticket.

We suggest that you start your morning with yoga, exercising or jogging through the woods. The exhilarating morning exercises outdoors on the river bank will help you feel refreshed and energised.

Morning yoga Morning yoga

After breakfast, the main presentation programme will start but you can also take part in creative workshops, rounde dances, or relax at the campsite.

Nadezhda Egurnova, Olga Tanasiv and Annette Willems will help us create the right environment for creativity. Nadezhda will teach you to paint candle holders and make delicate beaded jewellery. Olga will show how to make the ocarina, a traditional ceramic vessel flute.

Jewellery Ocarina

If you like painting, visit the unique master class in fine art for adults and children given by our special guest Annette Willems. Annette is a native Australian and is visiting us from the Netherlands with her spouse Nigel Saych, a speaker at our conference. You will learn the basics of drawing and a number of painting techniques and will immerse yourself in the fascinating world of paints and colours. It is also a great opportunity to talk to a native speaker during the workshops.

Annette Willems

You can take all your hand-made items home and give them as presents to your family and friends.

You will also become the authors of the Open Agenda programme. This is a free programme where each participant can suggest any activity (be it volleyball or tennis, table games or a walk in the woods) and invite others. We will prepare a special stand with free slots so that you can design the leisure programme yourselves! This is a great opportunity to make contacts and have fun with friends.

Here are just a few ideas on what you can do at Meteorit campsite: go kayaking or standup paddleboarding, ride a bicycle, play table games, take a walk in the woods, sunbathe on the river bank, swim in the river.

Relax Relax

UTICamp-2019 brings all its participants together with music. As usual, light music will be played during the welcome drinks. 

But this time, including during the gala dinners, all eyes will be turned to a concert on the stage as you mingle with colleagues and enjoy the scenery, the music and the company. The UTICamp environment inspires creativity and we invite you to unleash your talents! If you want to become a performer in our concert, please send us your application. We know that many conference participants like music and are bringing their musical instruments with them.

On 24 July, at the end of the City of Masters, we will organise an evening of songs around the fire, and after the Three Streams, on 27 June, there will be a drum circle in the meadow.

Music Music

This is a totally new experience for any conference. As you see, we have decided to expand UTICamp’s developmental potential so that you return home full of energy and new ideas, happy for having made new friends and ready for further growth.

A detailed programme of all activities is available here.

Please send any questions you may have to