This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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UTICamp-2019 and its venue, Meteorit camping park

We have prepared something very special for you. We invite you to have a rest and plunge into the magical world of nature. This is exactly how we see UTICamp-2019 and its venue, Meteorit camping park…A serene river, a green forest, a barbecue with your friends, volleyball, kayaks, yoga, chess, board games and relaxation on the beach.

You can also get to Meteorit by the river - a little trip that will give you energy for a very long time. The Dnipro river is mighty and wide, while the Samara is quiet and cozy. Scenic landscapes, a lot of birds and wonderful nature await you.

If you are interested in a boat ride, write to us and we will arrange a water transfer from Dnipro city to the UTICamp-2019 venue.

The conference is just one month away, friends, and we are looking forward to meeting each of you!

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Video by Yaroslav Yudenko