This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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UTICamp-2019 Program Committee Begins its Work

Everything must be planned right down to the tiniest detail — the venue, the schedule, etc.  — to make the conference a success.

The work begins many months before the event and does not finish until the conference is over. Finding interesting speakers is an important part of the preparations.

From the very first UTIC-2013 conference, passionate, talented professionals with many years of experience and a good understanding of the translation industry have helped us to draw up the program and select applications.

As a result, the UTIC days have been filled with informative presentations, useful workshops, and fun interactive games.

The previous conferences have set a high level of program quality, so you will not be bored next year!

Our friends are getting down to work. The UTICamp-2019 program committee has nearly been formed and today we would like to introduce you to the first members of the committee. We will announce the other committee members later.

Many of you know them from the previous UTICamp conferences, online groups or collaborative projects. If you do not know someone, please click on the names to learn more about the professionals who will provide valuable inputs to the program of the upcoming conference.

Art of Translation Track

Joseph Kovalov
Freelance translator, expert in marketing texts translation
As the format is new, unusual; it lends itself to closer communication. We wanted to make it more informative and less formal, so that the translators who came here could take back with them some useful practical knowledge that they can put into practice at home tomorrow.
Katya Filatova
Freelance translator specializing in creative translation
For me, UTICamp is one of those rare and seemingly reckless ventures that really change our small world for the better. Hoping to come to the same conclusion this coming July.

Vatslav Yehurnov
Freelance Translator
Interpreters and translators rarely have a chance to breathe the fresh air of a pine forest, to watch the sunrise on a misty river, or to talk about life and everything else with colleagues, sitting by a camp fire... Looking back to 2016, UTIC is a fantastic place to commune with nature, share experiences with colleagues and discuss tons of burning topics. I can't wait till summer comes!

Business of Translation Track

Tetyana Struk
Founder and CEO of Linguistic Centre® Translation and Localization Company
At UTICamp you do not have to choose between family and work, because you can come here with your family and everyone will have something to do. And after the conference, they will be proud that you are part of such a wonderful community.
Ilya Mishchenko
Managing Director at Literra Translation Company
UTICamp is an interesting and absolutely unique translation conference format, in which participants are offered an opportunity to escape from their daily routine and combine presentations and networking with outdoor activities. I believe this is exactly what our industry currently lacks: the chance to gather together in relaxed surroundings and discuss pressing issues and concerns.
Renato Beninatto
Founder of Nimdzi Insights
Every opportunity to meet is an excellent opportunity to learn and to grow. UTICamp provides a unique environment for industry professionals to develop their abilities in an ambience of camaraderie and fun. Bringing together experts from around the world to share their knowledge and experience is an art that UTICamp has mastered. Can't wait to see you there!
Leonid Glazychev
CEO at Logrus IT
I first attended UTIC back in 2016, and it turned out to be one of the most vivid experiences of the year. The unique atmosphere at that event combined incredible friendliness, a businesslike approach and attention with a relaxed, “I-cannot-believe-I-am-not-at-a-resort” feeling. It was my first event in the open air and it was unforgettable! I am looking forward to being there again!

Translation Technology and Localisation Track

Svetlana Svetova
Founder and CEO at T-Service
There is a growing number of translation and translation-related conferences around the world, which is great, especially when the participants have lots of things to discuss. But even in the context of this explosive growth, the UTICamp Conference remains an absolutely unique destination – more of any event, really - for anyone in the translation industry lucky enough to attend it. Of course, it was the content, the speakers and the excellent organisation that made UTICamp such a success, not to mention the superb planners (I will never forget that perfectly equipped canvas tent in the forest under a tree where everything worked just fine while we were happily discussing translation technologies). But above all, it was the atmosphere, which was absolutely perfect and unforgettable.
Kirill Fedotov
Chief Operating Officer at InText Translation Company
For me, UTICamp is a unique platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing valuable experience. Industry experts come here to discuss different aspects – from technology know-how to mastering the art of translation. And all this networking takes place in such a friendly informal setting!
Konstantin Dranch
localization industry researcher