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UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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UTIC-2016 Results

The UTIC-2016 conference was held on June 10–12, 2016 in an unusual venue for an event of this kind — a protected pine forest by a river, 43 km from the city of Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk) in Ukraine. This resulted in the conference acquiring a second title — "UTICamp" — because the venue was previously used as a children’s sport and fitness camp, and now serves as the Meteorite camping site.

Accompanied by birdsong and the sounds of the forest, the two-day conference included 36 presentations by 50 speakers and 8 interactive sessions. A total of 170 participants from 11 countries were present, with another 72 following events online. Conference participants on-site were able to listen to the presentations in the original language or via simultaneous interpretation into Russian and/or English, while the online participants were provided with Russian and English tracks for each paper.

To find out more about the presentations and how the participants picked up new knowledge and ideas, interspersed with free time to relax and enjoy the fresh country air, read the expanded press release on our website.

As Joseph Kovalov, one of the moderators of the Art of Translation track, correctly pointed out: "The most important and interesting things are happening outside the session halls". And indeed there was plenty to do outside the UTICamp conference halls! The participants spent time together swinging in hammocks, relaxed on beautifully adorned designer beds set up in the grounds of the camp, made new business contacts and friends, shared their practical experiences, played table tennis, took boat trips, lit bonfires and sang songs accompanied by the guitar.

Svetlana Svetova,
CEO at T-Service and moderator of Translation Technologies and Localization track
"In this combination of nature and technology, and all the socializing, there is something fresh, new and totally wonderful."

Another UTIC-2016 innovation was the opportunity for participants to bring their families and children with them to the conference. The youngest guests were also given conference badges, but they had their own dedicated programme of events. Sport and learning games, drawing on paper, asphalt and even milk, cooking simple dishes — this is just a small selection of the delights that awaited the children during the conference.

Tatyana Struk,
CEO at Linguistic centre® and moderator of the Art of Translation track
"The conference has definitely gone well. People are happy, relaxed and obviously enjoying what is going on. And I think that this is a big success."

Many of the conference participants were supportive of the UTICamp format and lived in tents in the grounds of the Meteorite camp. The industry event was successfully combined with leisure activities: meetings with old and new friends, fresh air, yoga and morning exercises, opportunities to spend time with the family and to watch the sunset on the river bank in the evening.

The UTICamp concept differs radically from the traditional approach to running such events, and this was reflected in the catering arrangements: for breakfast, the participants were served fresh products from a nearby village; for lunch, they had real field-kitchen porridge; and dinner consisted of shashlik and vegetables roasted on the barbecue.

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Read the expanded version of the press release