This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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10 reasons to attend UTICamp-2019

Everyone who has visited UTICamp once would definitely like to come back again. To prove it, Victoria Moroz, freelance interpreter and interpreters' track coordinator at UTICamp-2019, has written an article on how attending UTICamp-2016 positively influenced her professional development, and what were the most remarkable things about the conference.

We strongly recommend that you read Victoria’s insights and join us as well!

Sadly, I did not participate in UTIC-2013 or UTIC-2014 but I attended UTICamp-2016, which made an indelible impression on me. I was both a participant and a member of the volunteer simultaneous interpretation team. I can honestly say that it was an unforgettable event, and that I have been looking forward to the next UTICamp these last three years. Let me explain why.

1. New professional contacts

UTICamp has a contact exchange, a kind of a ‘speed dating’ resource for business, where a narrow circle of professionals swap business cards. From time to time, you change your table in order to meet as many participants as possible. I have never seen anything like this elsewhere.


2. More orders

As is apparent from what has been said, you will benefit from UTICamp! Take a look at my statistics from July 2016 to April 2019. The contacts I made with colleagues, translation agencies and other translation market players at UTICamp continue to rank third in my order statistics: they hired me, I hired them. For this diagram, I took all my orders over the past few years and analysed where they had come from. I also have videos of all the simultaneous interpretation I did as a volunteer. The videos are publicly available and I have used them successfully to find new customers.


3. Excellent organisation

I attend European conferences almost every year, but this event has the best organisation. And this was despite the rain and the venue — the conference is held in huge canvas tents surrounded by pine trees. Everything was timed perfectly. 


4. Check them out

Speakers and participants from all over the world attend the conference. Communicating with colleagues who work in different environments is always enriching and provides inspiration for new ideas and professional growth.

5. Meeting new friends and colleagues you already know from other cities and countries 

Contacts with colleagues you meet here often develop into true friendships lasting many years. You have known each other on Facebook for ages or once lived in the same city, and now you only see each other at UTIC. And that’s great!


6. Making romantic contacts

I date either foreigners or colleagues. All male colleagues are well-mannered, intelligent, educated and often make good money. It’s worth a try!

7. Connect with the institutional memory of the Ukrainian translation industry 

Time goes by, yet we know so little about each other, our projects and development. As the only Ukrainian translation conference, UTIC is a unique chance to meet those who started building a translation community 30 years ago, who entered the European market and achieved European rates, who were the first to share this experience with others and continue to do so to this day. People pass away unexpectedly. Live for the moment! Everyone who contributes to the Ukrainian translation industry will be there.


8. A week-long retreat with your family

Stay in the tent camp in a wonderful pine forest or in a nearby hotel with all comforts. You can also attend UTICamp with kids and pets. I will be taking little Ilyusha, for example.


9. Romantic appeal of summer

Wine, songs around the camp fire in the evening, laughter on the river bank, heart-to-heart talks till early morning and... you can even listen to the presentations from your hammock.


10. The reason is simple but obvious: we attend conferences to learn something new.

This year, the conference will have an excellent agenda with something for everyone and activities to help the participants develop in their priority areas.

So come with your family, pets, friends and colleagues! Your participation will contribute to the development and consolidation of the Ukrainian translation community, and each of us will surely benefit from this growth both personally and professionally!

Victoria Moroz

Victoria Moroz

Freelance Interpreter

UTICamp-2019 Interpreters' Track Coordinator