This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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Conference news


We are excited to inform you that UTICamp-2020 will take place on July 20—26, 2020 at the same conference venue - Meteorite campsite!

It will be UTICamp's 5th anniversary, so be ready for something really great!

You have the unique opportunity to register for the event now at the super early bird price of just 125 euros for a whole week of presentations, workshops, interactive games, networking, and creative activities.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

F.A.Q. and rules

Dear participants of UTICamp-2019! 

The conference is coming soon, and we are looking forward to meeting you! And for now let us give you some important information about the living conditions and amenities. Please read it carefully and ask any questions you might have beforehand. Thank you!


Introducing the UTICamp-2019 interpreters team

UTICamp is a conference that aims to bring together people from across the translation industry, irrespective of country of residence, profession or beliefs. And although most of our participants have an excellent knowledge of English, Russian and Ukrainian, we provide translation of the vast majority of the presentations every year.

It wold be impossible to reach such large real and virtual audiences without the traditional help of simultaneous interpreters — true professionals and masters of their trade. It is hard to overestimate their contribution — you yourselves know what a difficult job it is. So we would like to thank UTIC’s interpreters in advance for volunteering to provide translation at this year’s conference. And it is a pleasure to introduce them to you individually!

The interpretation programme at UTICamp-2019

Originally, all translation conferences were designed for translators. Interpreters usually go there for business and marketing reports and to hang out with colleagues. UTICamp has been no exception for three consecutive years, but this time we have a one-week programme, which means that there will be enough space for everyone. This is a huge victory and recognition for all of us and our visibility.

So, what to expect and why experienced interpreters, beginners, students and the undecided should attend the event?

UTICamp-2019 and its venue, Meteorit camping park

We have prepared something very special for you. We invite you to have a rest and plunge into the magical world of nature. This is exactly how we see UTICamp-2019 and its venue, Meteorit camping park

A serene river, a green forest, a barbecue with your friends, volleyball, kayaks, yoga, chess, board games and relaxation on the beach.

10 reasons to attend UTICamp-2019

Everyone who has visited UTICamp once would definitely like to come back again. To prove it, Victoria Moroz, freelance interpreter and interpreters' track coordinator at UTICamp-2019, has written an article on how attending UTICamp-2016 positively influenced her professional development, and what were the most remarkable things about the conference.

We strongly recommend that you read Victoria’s insights and join us as well!

The Early Bird offer for UTICamp-2019 has ended

The Early Bird offer for UTICamp-2019 has ended, but you still have time to save money and get your ticket at an affordable price!

So, there is no time to lose if you want to be part of this unique open-air event for translation industry companies and freelance professionals.

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The preliminary program schedule of UTICamp-2019 is published

What to expect at the conference this year:

And, of course, an interesting program for children and guests, which will help us meet new people, socialize and get a reboot!

Go to the preliminary program schedule

Registration for participants in UTICamp-2019 is open!

Register by May 1 to take advantage of reduced rates. Participation is free of charge for speakers and there are discounts for students and academics.

Live internet streaming of UTICamp-2019 is also available.

Read about 9 good reasons to visit UTICamp-2019 and to register right now!

We are accepting applications for presentations at UTICamp-2019

Do you have an important topic, unique know-how or a case study you wish to share with the audience or your colleagues? If so, please contact us! The program committee will select the most interesting and relevant topics and discuss each detail of the presentation with you.

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Meet 2019 with UTICamp

The end of the year is a great time to pause for reflection, take stock of the most significant events and look ahead. We dream about UTICamp-2019 being a vivid, exciting and unforgettable event. This is where we see the magic of 2019 — a continuing fairy tale that we are creating together with you!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

UTICamp-2019 Program Committee Begins its Work

Everything must be planned right down to the tiniest detail — the venue, the schedule, etc.  — to make the conference a success. The work begins many months before the event and does not finish until the conference is over. Finding interesting speakers is an important part of the preparations.

Our friends are getting down to work. The UTICamp-2019 program committee has nearly been formed and today we would like to introduce you to the first members of the committee.

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Camping Place for UTICamp-2019

It is true that the right venue will enhance any event. Especially if it is an informal meeting of translators, managers and directors of companies specializing in translation services. And UTICamp can prove it!

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Meet UTICamp-2019

UTICamp-2019 is a conference for everyone connected with the translation industry: novice and established translators, translation company managers, lecturers and students, software developers and customers.

Is it possible to combine a business event, prominent speakers, fascinating presentations with camping and a warm round-up of old friends? We know how!

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UTICamp Networking

UTIC-2016 Results

As the autumn season approaches, we recall with pleasure the best moments of the summer. We sincerely hope that the #UTICamp conference was an important event this year for all who took part. We invite you to think back to those days, filled with friendly meetings, valuable presentations, and new experiences.

And if, for some reason, you missed UTIC-2016, take a look at the full report with photos and feedback, and make sure you come next time! We look forward to seeing you!

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