This is a past event. Please join us for the upcoming conference.
UTICamp-2019: July 22–28, 2019. Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine
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What to expect at the conference on July 22—28

Now is the perfect time to make your summer plans, including a visit to UTICamp-2019!

And while the exact programme is still being drawn up we want to tell you what to expect at the conference on July 22—28. We have decided to make this conference longer because we want to provide more space for discussions, use various presentation formats, and give you more opportunities to communicate with colleagues and spend more time outdoors with friends and families. The unusual venue — a sports camp in a picturesque nature reserve — inspires creativity without preventing serious discussions.

We have divided the event into two “shifts” so that everyone can choose their preferred format. You can spend a whole week in Meteorit, choose one of the two “shifts”: the initial three days with the Masters Village and sightseeing trips, or the later four days with the three conference streams and a full range of presentations. See below for more details.

So here is the rough conference agenda:

July 22 — Arrivals and Introductions

The first day of the conference will be set aside for introductions. We will make sure everyone gets to the campsite safely: we will meet you at the station, organise transfers and provide parking spaces for guests travelling by car. Each of you will have enough time to settle in, put up a tent or check in at a nearby hotel. A city sightseeing tour will be organised if you would like to take a walk around the city and arrive at Meteorit in the late afternoon. 

We will organize a welcome drinks reception, where we can meet and chat.

It will be a day of warm reunions with old friends and new acquaintances with songs around the fire.


July 23—24 — Masters Village

The “first shift” of the conference on July 23 and 24 will be dedicated to masters - professionals, experts, creators and gurus. The presentations, workshops, round tables, communication, creativity, and outdoor recreation are all designed to help you to hone your skills and share your experience with colleagues.

We have decided to dedicate both days to topics essential for the development of the translation industry and each of us as professionals, so we are arranging a space for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and for collaboration. We call this space Masters Village!

We have planned one stream of mixed subject presentations for these days. There will also be translation workshops and a program for kids. Naturally, we have prepared a leisure program for adults attending the conference, including morning yoga sessions, creative master-classes and activities for the body and soul with birds singing in the trees.

Come with your family to absorb new ideas and communicate. You will even have the opportunity to work with your colleagues, surrounded by your family and friends. Do you want to participate in the conference without stopping your work? Wi-Fi and a co-working area are at your disposal.

Dear masters! Please come to meet each other or see old friends and to grow and relax together!


July 25 — Rest and Sightseeing 

After two busy days of presentations, workshops, and training, it will be time to take a breather and enjoy the most valuable asset of our conference – the picturesque scenery.

Go kayaking, take a nap in a hammock or have a barbecue with friends. Sightseeing trips are offered to everyone who wants to visit some interesting places of Dnipro region. We invite UTICamp guests to relax in the campgrounds, swim in the river, socialize and prepare for future activities: there are two more busy days of presentations ahead.

The other participants will gradually join us and we will organize another welcome drinks reception, where we can meet, chat and share our experiences.


July 26—27 — Three Streams of Presentations

This familiar format was tested during previous events. Since 2013, the conference has consisted of three parallel sections with presentations: Translation Business, The Art of Translation, and Translation Technology and Localisation.

On Friday, July 26, immediately after the opening ceremony, you will be able to listen to our key speakers, who are all - recognized industry experts. The presentations will then be split up by focus area. You will also be able to exchange contacts at networking sessions and discuss the latest news during coffee breaks.

We will also offer entertainment for kids and an additional programme for guests who decide not to attend the industry presentations. In the evening, everyone will be invited to a gala dinner.

Saturday, July 27 will be devoted to presentations in the three streams, discussions and communication with colleagues. It’s going to be hot!


July 28 — Relax

A day for relaxed preparations for the journey home, friendly hugs and farewell photos, as well as closing out the conference and making plans. Take another swim in the river, boost your tan before you leave, chat with friends, pack your bags and don’t forget to take your new experiences and inspiration with you for the next year.